Redeeming Faith

"I live in my mind, where I know there's no equal."

So our Day of Action for March 1st was pretty intimate. No march or sit-in. Our target for that day was Mike Harridopolos, the Florida Senate President who also happens to teach at UF. All across Florida the legislature is trying to  impose records cuts to education (around 400 million) and instead of chopping from the top or getting rid of unnecessary expenditures they just want to place everything on the backs of students. 

Mike Haridopolos is hired by the University of Florida as a Professor in the Political Science Department and is paid 75,000 a year despite the fact that he only has a Masters in History and can only be on campus in the Fall due to the Legislative session. It seems sort of callous for the administration to target the students when they have a guy like Haridopolos who supports these tuition hikes and budget cuts but at the same time is being paid an exorbitant amount by a public university. He’s a xenophobe, racist, and overall just not the type of person I want at the university I attend. 

It’s time for Mike ( to go.

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    These are smart students, FIU students should have done the same with Marco Rubio!
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